Support Services

504 Accommodations and Special Education Services

We believe that all children can learn and we strive to have children working to their fullest potential. At various times throughout your child’s years at PS 6, they may need supports and enrichments beyond what they are receiving in the classroom. We are happy to provide a continuum of services to help support students to be successful. These services may be provided at-risk and other times they are mandated through a 504 or an IEP. We are fortunate to have a staff of clinicians and teachers on site to provide both academic and social-emotional support as needed. If you think your child may need additional support, please first talk with his/her teacher.

Please click on the link(s) below for more information regarding 504 Accommodations and Special Education Services.

. 504 Accommodations
. Parent Request form for 504 Accommodations
. 504 School Health Medical Forms to grant permission for school nurse to Administer Medication/ Section 504 Accommodations
. Chancellor's Regulation A-710 Section 504 Policy and Procedures for Students
If you have questions regarding 504 Accommodations of Health and Medical Needs please contact our school nurse, Danielle Gustama at
If you have questions regarding 504 Accommodations please contact our Assistant Principal Jane Galasso at
. NYCDOE Special Education: A Shared Pathway to Success
If you have questions regarding Special Education Services please contact our school Social Work Rick Eisman at

Response to Intervention

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) or Response to Intervention (RTI).

We strive to meet the needs of all our students. This includes when students are in their classrooms, when they are with specialists, as well as when they work with anyone on our School Based Support Team – (SBST).

All NY State Public Schools are mandated to have a Response to Intervention Program (RTI) to identify, provide support and monitor progress of students who are not meeting standards. These support services are provided on a three-tiered progression:

Tier I Intervention - all students receive Tier I intervention – intervention that is provided within the child’s classroom. Tier I intervention means that children are instructed with a research based core curriculum in a general education setting. Their needs are being met with the standard curriculum. Students are assessed to determine progress is being made and when they are not progressing according to standards, the classroom teacher provides intervention. Intervention can include guided reading lessons, small group lessons and strategy lessons, etc.

Tier II Intervention - is offered to students who are in a general education setting, yet they need more intense support through small group lessons. These small group lessons offer multiple strategies to improve progress. Services are often provided several times a week by our special education teachers or our related service providers. Tier II Intervention is sometimes referred to as “intervention”; some schools also call Tier II Intervention ‘Academic Intervention Services’ (AIS).

Tier III Intervention - Tier III Intervention is highly individualize instruction. Students who require this level of intense support are often found eligible for special education services and related services. Services are met through an Individual Education Plan (IEP).