Applying to
Middle School

Selecting a middle school for your child can be an exciting and challenging process. As you begin this “adventure”, it is important for you to think about the needs and interests of your 5th grader so that you can find a school that suits both your child and your family. For these reasons, students and parents should make this decision together.

To help you to move forward in this process, we have prepared this guide for you. In general, Jane Galasso, Assistant Principal, and Jessica Cole, Guidance Counselor, will serve as your main contacts for PS 6. However, we encourage you to be proactive in gathering middle school information from friends, family, web pages and publications so that you can make the most appropriate decision for your child.

Ultimately, this process can be incredibly rewarding for your family and your child on his or her continued path to academic, social and emotional growth. We look forward to assisting you in this process. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at the school.

Jane Galasso 
Assistant Principal 
(212) 737 9774 Ext. 2290

Jessica Cole
Guidance Counselor 
(212) 737-9774 Ext. 3290

Throughout the school year PS 6 will hold several meetings to assist families and students through the Middle School Process. There are two main meetings:

. September - An evening meeting is held in September for guardians to introduce families to the Middle School Process
. Late Fall - Students are invited in the evening to hear first hand from 6th grade alumni who will share their experiences in a variety of public middle schools

To view the NYC Middle School Directory and review more information on the Middle School District Process please visit:

. Middle School Admissions Process               

The Internet offers a wealth of information for you to uncover. Check out, a nonprofit organization that publishes information on public schools. The DOE website at also provides general information on schools. On the initial page, type in the name of the school (the number code, B### or the name - for example, PS 6 would be M006), and access the individual official DOE webpage of the school. Any information PS 6 receives about the middle school process – be it private or public – will be shared with 5th Grade Families via email.

Peers & Families

Talk to students who attend schools you might be interested in. An excellent resource is our own PTA. Many families have children in public and private middle schools and will be happy to share their experiences with you.

Guidance Office

Whether you apply to a public, charter, gifted or independent school, we will offer information to shepherd you through the process. We cannot tell you which school is best for your child or provide one-on- one counseling. Your job is to work with your child and find the best fit based on your child’s abilities, interests and temperament. Once you have read through published materials of middle schools, schedule a tour for the schools that interest you and talk to other families and students about their experiences.

PS 6 MS Updates

As we receive information regarding the middle school process, we will send it on to all our 5th grade families. These updates may include new announcements, broadcast any new tours from middle schools, ask for RSVPs, and offer gentle reminders.

Please make sure that your contact information; email, phone number, and home address are updated throughout the year. If you have moved, this change needs to be made through the main office with proof of address - just like when you registered your child for PS 6. It is not sufficient to just change it on the PS 6 database.

Important Considerations

All students are eligible for admission to middle schools in the district where they are zoned to attend middle school and in the district where they attend a NYC public elementary school.

District 2’s Middle School Choice program allows your child to attend a school other than the one for which he or she is residentially zoned. Your child may apply to other schools in the district as well as a few schools outside the district. High-achieving students may want to apply to a citywide gifted and talented program. Independent school is yet another option.

When gathering information on middle schools, these are the questions you want to discuss as a family:

. What school would be best for my child? Instead of what is the “best” school?
. What are my child’s interests (sports, computers, art, math)?
. What kind of temperament does he/she have (self-directed, unmotivated, intro/extroverted, etc.)?
. How diligent is my child-- and how likely is he/she to buckle down and complete homework assignments without being nagged (very likely, not very likely)?
. How well does my child deal with social pressure?
. Will he/she feel comfortable being surrounded by academic superstars?
. What about social pressure?

There is no one set answer for our students. On one hand, a large, highly selective school might stifle a shy, sensitive student. On the other, if your child has many interests, a large school may be the best option because of the number of opportunities it offers.

Middle School

The District 2 Middle School Directory is sent home with each 5th grader in the fall. If you need a directory for another district, please check the back inside cover of the District 2 directory for their Enrollment Office. Citywide middle school pages are included in each directory.

Note: Some previous year’s families have found New York City’s Best Public Middle Schools by Clara Hemphill, which details middle school information, also helpful.

Middle School Fairs,
School Tours &
Open House Events

The best way to find out which middle school will be right for your child is to visit those schools that you are considering. Parents can check the various middle school web pages to gather information and make appointments to attend a tour or open house.

Middle School Fair

District 2 traditionally holds a middle school fairs for families each fall. To subscribe for Middle School Email Alerts from the DOE please click here.

School Tours and
Open Houses

You should check school websites for information on Open Houses and tours. Some schools (ESMS, Wagner, Salk) will arrange tours for just PS 6 students. Most others ask you to register on their website. Most tours are held during the school day, and open houses are generally held during the evening. It is expected that your 5th grader will attend with one or both parents, younger siblings are usually not allowed. Your child is excused from school for these tours (for the duration of the tour and travel time back to school, not the whole day) but must bring in a note from the school where he/she toured.Typically, tours and open houses will be conducted in October, November and early December.

Public Middle Schools

As you plan for fall events, please be aware that the middle school choice/admissions process will follow a citywide calendar this year. Because all districts will use a standardized calendar, there may be some variance from previous district or regional practices. The school receives an operational calendar in the fall.

Boroughwide Schools

These are open to all students in the borough. Please refer to the Middle School Directory for more information (The District 2 Middle School Directory is sent home with each 5th grader in the fall).

Citywide Schools

For Citywide middle schools, Anderson School is a highly selective academic program housed in PS 9 on West 77 th Street. NEST+M (M539) is another selective program (K-12) that is on Columbia and Houston Streets.

Charter Middle Schools

Charter schools are yet another option. There is one charter school in District 2, and the information for this school is given on the last page of the Middle School Directory.

Independent Middle Schools

If you are applying to private school, your child will need to take the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE), a three-hour admissions test for entrance into grades 5-12. The ISEE contains sections on verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, reading comprehension and math achievement. Your child will also need to write an essay.

Parents interested in independent middle schools can contact the Parents League who offer guidance both about the application procedure and information on various private schools.

The Parents League of New York
115 East 82nd Street
New York, NY 10028
Phone: 212 737-7385
Fax: 212 737-7389