PS 6 Sponsored
Extracurricular Activities

Is not just academics. It's about finding what you are good at, taking an interest to the next level or trying something new. At PS 6 we strive to provide a balance between academic achievement and personal growth.


Open to 4th and 5th grade students - Mr. Teddy Bernal, and Mr. Chris Reed,

Ultimate (originally called Ultimate Frisbee) is a limited-contact team sport played with a flying disc. Students play a modified version by using a six-inch ball. The object of the game is to score points by passing the ball to a player in the opposing end zone, similar to an end zone in American football. Players may only move one foot/pivot while holding the ball.

The PS 6 Ultimate program is played over three separate seasons of approximately eight weeks in duration. Players are assigned to a team in ONE of the three seasons and compete for the Ultimate championship in that season only. The first season begins in October.

All fifth grade students are guaranteed a place on a team for one of the seasons and are assigned to a team after the tryouts are completed. Fourth grade students are invited to tryout and can earn a place on a team based on their tryout score. The number of fourth grade students qualifying for a place on a team will be determined by the number of fifth grade students trying out. Fourth grade students are not guaranteed a place on one of the Ultimate teams.

Tryout scores will enable the coaches to place each student in an appropriate season based on their skill level and to determine how many fourth grade students will qualify for a team.

Students must be willing to come in every Friday morning for official games and one other day of the week (TBD) for practice at 7:15 am. Students will be expected to attend one of the practice days depending on which coach is assigned. Official games will be scheduled throughout the season by the coaches.

Thank you to the generous PTA for making this program available.

Big Apple Sports

Big Apple Youth Sports is an independent fee-based athletic program that offers sports leagues and after school activities for K-5 school children. Big Apple has been running programs at PS 6 for more than 25 years and is the longest running after school program at PS 6.

Big Apple Sports
Contact: Mr. Luis Henriquez
Phone: (212) 987 9865

Recess Supervision

If you ask ten children what their favorite subject in school is, more than half will immediately shout, "Recess!" Who can blame them? It is a time during the school day when children can run around, play ball, make noise, socialize with friends and enjoy unstructured activities. During recess, Mr. Luis Henriquez of Big Apple Sports supervises kickball and other games in the schoolyard. The goals are threefold: to promote good sportsmanship, get kids moving, and encourage full participation of boys and girls. This wonderful program is supported by the PTA. All students are welcome to play sports and join in the fun!

The After School Workshop on Madison, Inc. is licensed by The New York City Board of Health and is a New York State Registered Program. Hours are 2:35 pm to 6:00 pm (we open early on early-dismissal days). Fees are moderate. Students may enroll from one to five days a week or register only for a class.

Sidewalk Singers with Ms.Winograd

Open to 3rd-5th grade students - 2:35pm-4:00pm - made possible due to the generosity of the PTA.

Our school chorus provides an opportunity for 3rd – 5th grade students to come together to learn and make beautiful music under the tutelage of our music teacher, Ms. Winograd.

The only requirements for joining the Sidewalk Singers are a love of singing, regular attendance at Thursday after-school rehearsals and participation in performances.

All chorus members are asked to purchase a Sidewalk Singers t-shirt.

Consent forms will be distributed in school; extra forms will also be available in Ms. Winograd’s mailbox in the main office. Students must have a signed consent form in order to participate. For further questions, Ms. Winograd can be reached at:

Sidewalk Singers meets in the school auditorium on Thursday afternoons from 2:35pm to 4pm. All members will be dismissed outside the 81st Street entrance. Any chorus member enrolled in a paid after school program within the building will not be charged for the Thursday Sidewalk Singer rehearsal time. We warmly welcome parental involvement.

We thank the generosity of the PTA for making this program available to PS 6 students.

CASA Guggenheim
Program for 5th Grades

Wednesdays Spring Semester 2:35pm-5:35pm @ The Guggenheim Museum – made possible through a grant through Councilmember Dan Garodnick.

We are excited to offer our fifth grade students this amazing opportunity to learn first-hand from artists at the Guggenheim Museum. The students are invited to attend a four week cycle where they work with artists and explore the theme of identity while visiting the museum galleries and working in a studio. At the end of each rotation cycle, families are invited to a special gathering at the museum for an exhibit. In addition, a piece of work from each student will also be installed at PS 6.

The program usually begins in January and runs through May. There are four 4-week cycles that are held on Wednesday afternoons from 2:35pm-5:30pm at the Guggenheim Museum. Information will be sent home in December and families are asked to rank their choices in the order that best suits their child’s schedule for rotation cycles. Participation in this program is voluntary.

Open to 5th grade students – Wednesdays Spring Semester 2:35pm-5:35pm @ The Guggenheim Museum – The CASA-Guggenheim program is offered free of charge to our students thanks to a generous grant from the Cultural After School Adventures (CASA) foundation and the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development from Councilmember’s Dan Garodnick’s office.

Private After School
Programs and
Other Activities

New York City is filled with a wealth of fabulous activities for children to engage in at the end of the school day. There are three after school programs that are housed in PS 6 – Afterschool Workshop, Big Apple Sports and Chess. There are also programs that pick students up from PS 6 such as the 92nd Street Y’s NOAR program. In addition, some parents have arranged with organizations to privately pick up their children.

Please remember that PS 6 does not run any of these programs- these are separate organizations with their own rules, regulations and bylaws. In addition, remember there are many programs available in NYC, the ones listed below are some of the more popular ones with PS 6 families.

Afterschool Workshop
Contact: Mrs. Sheila Bandman
Phone: (917) 301 7373

The After School Workshop (ASW), now approaching its 20th year here at PS 6, offers a wide range of activities for elementary school children. All activities take place on school premises.

The everyday Workshop program includes teacher-supervised individual homework help, computers, sports, art and more. Specialized classes are also offered, including Tennis, Hip Hop, Martial Arts, Foreign Languages, Improv Acting, Minecraft, Dramatics, 3-D Printing and more. Note regarding costs: Students attending the Workshop on the day they attend a class will receive a discount on the cost of their classes.

The Afterschool Workshop on Madison, Inc. is licensed by The New York City Board of Health and is a New York State Registered Program. Hours are 2:35 pm to 6:00 pm (we open early on early-dismissal days). Fees are moderate. Students may enroll from one to five days a week or register only for a class.

Chess at PS 6

Coach Michael Poukchanski runs an After School Chess Program for all interested students. This is a fee based program. After School Classes are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2:30–4:30 pm, starting mid-September. Kindergarteners groups will start in October and sessions will run from 2:30–4:00 pm. To reserve a spot, please contact Michael Poukchanski, our chess coach.

Chess at PS 6

Pre-Registration for 2017 Fall After School Chess Program for incoming Kindergarteners click here.

Coach Michael Poukchanski along with the PS 6 PTA facilitates Chess Tournaments open to children throughout NYC.

For more information about Chess @ PS 6 and Tournaments, click on the links below:

PS 6 School Chess Parent Handbook
PS 6 Chess Tournament Rules
PS 6 Chess Tournament Registration and Payment

92Y Noar
After-School Program

Noar is the 92nd Street Y’s afterschool program for elementary-school age children (K through 6th grade). The Noar Program provides transportation from neighborhood schools, including chaperoned bus service from PS 6. Children can attend for as little as one day or as many as five days a week. The program starts at 3 pm and ends at 6 pm each day.

92Y Noar After-School Program
Phone: (212) 415 5624 or (212) 415 5600

Other Interests

Daisies, Brownies & Girl Scouts

Each school year parents have created troops based on interests and the age level of the students. Information will come be sent out in the fall via PS 6 Newsletter for those interested in joining a current troop or creating one.

Girls on the Run teaches life skills through fun, engaging lessons that celebrate the joy of movement as girls meet twice a week for ten weeks. The core of the program is the curriculum, where girls develop social, emotional and psychological skills that will prepare them to feel confident to boldly pursue their dreams and conquer the world.

One of our girls one season said it best: "After I went to Girls on the Run, I realized that life is not about being the best, or having everything your way. Life is about believing in yourself and being yourself no matter what."

Girls on the Run meets at PS 6 in the mornings and hosts two teams, with one team meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00am-8:15am and the other team meeting Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00am-8:15am. Students are dismissed directly to their class.

Please note that the registration will be held via lottery. Program registration fee assistance (program scholarship) is available by applying online at

Girls on the run NYC
Contact: 42 Broadway, Suite 1827-35 NYC 10004
Phone: (212) 401 6377

Yorkville Youth Athletic Association
YYAA sponsors many weekend programs at PS 6.