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PS 6 Mission

PS 6 is a nationally recognized leader in public education that holds high academic standards for all students. An investigative-based curriculum, interdisciplinary teaching and a highly motivated faculty serve as the foundation for identifying, developing and promoting successful strategies that meet the individual educational and emotional needs of each PS 6 student. The needs of a diverse body of learners are met with programs such as Collaborative Team Teaching, intervention and small group instruction.

PS 6 strives for a balance between process-oriented instruction and the skills and strategies good educators have always valued. Teachers teach programs that are an outgrowth of their staff development and their own collaborative process across and within grades. PS 6 believes the best instruction comes from good modeling, and this must happen on two levels. First, teachers use their own writing and reading process and their own mathematical thinking to model specific strategies for students. Second, teachers demonstrate continued learning by furthering their own practices, modeling life-long learning.

PS 6 staff members are interested in the success of all students as individuals – academically, socially and creatively. To that end, PS 6 has a comprehensive art, music and dance program that taps into a multi-talented student body. The school values character education – training staff members, students and parents in social emotional education. PS 6 is committed to providing a balance between academic achievement and personal growth.

PS 6 School Tours

We host four tours throughout the school year. Tours begin at 9:00am. Please enter through our main entrance on 81st street and kindly remember to bring your ID with you.

The tours are conducted by both students and parents and run for approximately an hour. After the tour, prospective parents get a chance to meet with the principal, Ms. Fontana for a Q & A session.

Please remember that our tours are for adults only, please do NOT bring your children with you. NO beverages are allowed inside the school building.

Please understand that we are unable to offer private tours for prospective families. If you have questions please contact our Parent Coordinator, Ms. Sanober Khan at

Tour Dates: October 18, November 29, December 13, January 17. Click here to book a PS 6 School Tour.

Discipline Code

The PS 6 school community continually strives to create a safe and caring environment that promotes excellent teaching and learning, as well as social emotional growth. We support students as they strive to learn how to develop positive relationships with their teachers and peers.

We are guided by a philosophy that fosters collaborative problem solving. We see PS 6 as a true family - where there are always people to help you. People say, “How can I help solve the problem?” Both adults and children participate in dealing with problems that arise: first by listening to each other and then by negotiating differences. You hear positive language being spoken and see people working collaboratively. AT PS 6 there is a zero tolerance for teasing, bullying, harassing, or any such behaviors. Our philosophy of resolving conflicts has minimized the occurrence of negative behaviors. However, there is a system in place to address conflicts that remain unresolved. This system has clear limits and outcomes.

The discipline policy that is presented below is based on this philosophy and the following guiding principles:

1 At the heart of any effective discipline policy is prevention. Therefore, students, parents, teachers, administrators and others need to work together to prevent problems as much as possible.
2 A key goal should be the development of self-discipline. Opportunities for teaching and learning new skills and attitudes should be actively pursued when problems arise.
3 Clear limits and consequences are important so that everyone understands what is needed for working together. The application of these limits and consequences must be informed by the needs of both the involved parties and the larger school community.
4 Every human being has inherent value.
Below you will find the polices set forth by NYCDOE to ensure that schools are safe, secure and orderly so that teaching and learning can take place each day. We adhere to these expectations and the NYCDOE Discipline Code.

Chancellor's Letter Discipline Code 2017
NYCDOE Discipline Code Citywide Behavioral Expectations Book Effective April 2017
Code of Conduct and District-Wide Safety Plan
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NYCDOE Respect for All
Parents' Bill of Rights
Internet Acceptable Use
Social Media
Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Student Guidelines
Rules & Policies